Monday, September 16, 2013

NPC's & Bowling

After watching a couple of the breakout session vids of last weekends great Opensim Conference, it is back to building as usual. Since Red Dragon has a lot of space, I figured to start working on an indoor bowling alley. (thanks for the idea Mss. Moonwing). With Bullet physics being enabled in the next build of Opensimulator  (it's currently implemented, but not activated in opensim.INI ) we might even try to make it a If i can find a script guru that is willing to script it, that is.

I have also logged into Second Life for a couple of minutes, to re-enable my PikkuBot. I have had it running in OSG version 0.6.8 and am going to try to get it alive again on the current 0.7.x build. If i get it working again (recall it was simple, but very hard to find), i will post here how to get it working, if only for future reference.

Pikkubot is an extremely light weight text based Bot control program, that can be hooked up to ALICE AI (pandora chat bot), and do all kinds of useful things, like chat, host, dance, play games, follow you around. invite people to group etc, and this all completely independant of the OSG server hosting the red dragon regions. (It will be sort of a client based NPC).  Licensing of this bot can only be acquired through Secondlife, but you can get a free trial for a week.

Furthermore i played around with the radegast client, which is also a lightweight client, but still 10 times heavier than pikkubot (around 40 MB vs 320 MB of  RAM). I was impressed by its features, like voice and audio support, and the ease of having a minimal 3d viewer ad map access ( Pikku is txt only, at least it was the last time i used it ).

I know opensim has a built in working NPC script, but there is already plenty of documentation on that in OSG's forums ( And cool video's on youtube ).  These are however script created, and for as far as i know, can't get off the region there created on.

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