Sunday, August 23, 2015

Red Dragon 7,5 years Anniverssary

In September of this year, The Red Dragon Nite Club celebrates its 7,5 years anniversary. The club was founded by JamesHenry Palen in Secondlife, and bought by it's DJ, Foxx Bode a couple of months later. Awesome years of party's followed, every weekend for 3 years in a row, in 7 incarnations of the clubs build. It had over 4500 members when Foxx retired from SL and built Red Dragon VIII in OSgrid.

The 9 region VIII build including backups was lost in a disk-crash, but i managed to get it recovered 2,5 years later by Seagate.  In the meantime Red Dragon IX and Red Dragon X were built, and both of those builds still exist on the OSgrid today. With almost 50.000 prims and over 2500 scripts on its main sim, Red Dragon is (one of) the biggest club builds in the metaverse. Unfortunately the regions are not very suitable to have wild party's with loads of avatars, due to the excessive load on the machine on which it is hosted, and the stress it put's on the average users viewer and connection.

Since we cannot let a 7,5 year anniversary pass quietly, we contacted OSGrid administration and got permission to run an anniversary party on Event Plaza. (Hehe, the irony. Having the biggest club around and not being able to use it for which it was built). Anyhow. Party is party, and the show must go on. Feel welcome, and bring your party gear.  

This event will take place on :

Date : Friday  11-9-2015 
Where : Event Plaza - OSgrid. 
Start Time : 11.00 PST ( 19.00 if you're in Europe) 

Music this evening will be supplied by Foxx Bode & LadyJo Martin.

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