Sunday, August 23, 2015

Friday party's stay in OSgrid

I think i have good news for a lot of people that enjoyed the weekly Friday party at Close Encounters in OSgrid. I've seen a lot of initiatives from users willing to proceed this party on their own grid / region. Which is great. There needs to be a party on Fridays. I have been asked several times if I could not use Red Dragon and start party's there. But despite it being a great region, its too bloated to party upon with more than 15 people. The machine on which it is hosted just wont hack it.

However, a lot of people strongly feel this party belongs in OSgrid. No offence to all the sincere intentions of the people wanting to try and continue the "tradition" elsewhere.
I feel the same way. The Friday party belongs in OSgrid.

So i have talked to some friends, and to OSgrid administration. OSgrid has allowed us to use the Event Plaza (gridserver) on a weekly basis, and host a Friday event there. That machine has sufficient capacity to handle the load of groups as big as the ones visiting D&J every Friday.

A new group has been setup for it by OSgrid. The "OSgrid Friday Party"group. This group will be used to announce events, as the format of the Friday party's will be slightly different. The event will be held every Friday. And the plan is to have at least 3 performers scheduled for every party. And here's where YOU come in.

This party will be one of OSgrid, by OSgrid. And with OSgrid I mean you. If you live in OSgrid, and if you care about our community, if you're a DJ,  Host, Live performer, club owner, event master, please get in touch. We need you, and we need all your friends to keep this legacy alive. Dorothea and Jay carried this community for a long time, and as nobody can equal their diversity in music, or replace either of them, we will need to make it a joint effort.

Also if you're not in OSgrid, but love the Opensim community, and like to party, perform or DJ, please get in touch. We have a lot of Fridays ahead, and cannot have "too much" variety.

So the Friday party Saga continues. Dan Banner, Sarah Kline, Foxx Bode, LadyJo Martin, Aine Coaimhe have already offered their assistance, and will coordinate the events. The plan is to have as much OSgrid's DJ's and performers as our grid is home to, to drop by and fill a slot. This will relieve the burden of "having to be there and perform every week" and will keep the event fresh and diverse. As you also get to listen to your favorite DJ, or be the one picking the music yourself.

More info will follow when we work out our plans.If you have questions, have great idea's or want to join our combined effort, please get in touch with any of the above people. The show must go on !
Meantime, keep Friday the 4th of September free in your agenda, as it will be the "Grand Finale" of D&J's  Close Encounters. Don't miss it !

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