Sunday, January 6, 2013

Assets, Vids, Malware & Expo

Wohaa. I look at my blog and get a malware warning from chrome... I added new links and Blogs last week, and appearently one of those hosted a.... Bad Favicon. Anyways. Link is removed, this website has not served any malware, and it wasn't on long enough to generate havoc or get banned so no biggy.

I made a couple of test vid's with Bandicam software, and will probably upload some more later, testing Fraps & other screen recording software. The testvid's can be found in my G+ profile

I've spoken to quite some people inworld reporting asset server issues. Likely those issues will be discussed in next weeks "town hall" meeting. One good advice in advance, is when you upgrade your OSG server, manually edit and use the latest opensim.ini file. Past months / versions some changes have been added in, and if you run an old ini file, this could be a potential cause of problems.

If you live in the netherlands, you can visit an Expo of one of OSG's artists "Jorink Devin". The expo is in Apeldoorn, the netherlands.  You can find the details in the picture on the left hand here. For questions, contact Jorink Devin inworld, or visit his website :
Jorink Lijstenmakerij

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