Sunday, October 11, 2020

Whats happening ?

Well, quite a lot actually, just not here on this Blog. I have this tendency to write large epistles of text, and then keep them as draft, review them, rewrite them, and still never post them. Hence nothing has been posted here lately. This doesn't mean this Blog is dead, nor are my adventures in OSgrid.  

Let's see, the OSgrid Map has been cleaned up, we have had some universities educate and graduate their students inworld due to Covid-19, we celebrated OSG's 13th Birthday, we had a successful western themed fundraiser event with great stuff on auction, and we had a day of downtime this week. This is due to our Asset servers having moved to a different rack in the datacenter, and as murphy's law states, this never goes without additional little quirks making life harder than you'd like. The good news is that these issues are resolved, and regular maintenance has been performed.

Up next is the Halloween Event, ( keep and eye on facebook / mewe or the forums ), and another day to put in your calendar is 13 december 2020, as than there is a OSgrid Membership Meeting. These are annual meetings, in which your feedback, along with those of the weekly meetings is made subject matter for the next board meetings, in which the direction and operations of the grid are determined. You're all invited.

Since 2016 OSgrid has taken loads of efforts to "entertain" it's community with regular weekly events, and here's a shout-out to the ever and omni-present Aussie Envee and all the wonderful DJ's and performers that entertain our community. The level of commitment these people put in every week is admirable. Another special thank you to Caro, who is the powerhouse driving the organization behind the OSgrid auctions. These are vital for OSgrids long term financial status. I can't put a full list of " thank you's" here, but thank you. For your efforts, your continued support, your time, and your passion for OSgrid.

We also had a talk to the owner of the "Asteria" region. For you that never heard of it, its more or less OSgrid's graveyard and it exists for many years already. Many friends that permanently logged out have a memorial on that region. As most of the data in there is irreplaceable, OSgrid has formally requested to provide in a backup and use permit, in case the owner ever decides to stop hosting that specific region. The owner agreed, but will continue hosting it for as long as he can. This is normally stuff that happens in the background without people being aware other than the ones involved, but as it is pretty unique for the grid to request a backup of a user built region, i figured i'd put it in here.  (now see if it makes it through the draft...).

So far for now, earlier drafts might still appear later, or they might not. But the show goes on.

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