Sunday, June 1, 2014

Road trip trough OSG

Just another weekend teleporting around the map in OSgrid makes you stumble into beautiful worlds. (getting tips from friends does as well). Feel free to drop me an LM if you find / built a little gem on the map. Check some pictures of my travels below, a couple of the cool ones you can slip into (click for large) :


Danger Island

Mystic Forest

Cuteulala Park

Steam has tons of zeppelins and airships, and is an industrial region with loads of ground to explore. Check the machines, the shops, and don't forget to visit the docks. The Danger Island is a gloomy harbor carved out of rocks in the sea, with great sailing ships and a shipyard. It's a VAR that also is home to the beautiful Mystical Forest, where the fairy's linger. You can space out on a giant mushroom here.... And if your done with that ride, visit Cute's Park. It's is OSG's coaster park. With working roller coasters and waterslides. Need I say more ?  It's never boring flying into other worlds. 

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