Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More party news

Red Dragon

Saturday the 15th of March Red Dragon Club X presents "The House of Beats" Dance party. Grab your rave-sticks and come party. DJ Foxx Bode will run the stream, and teach you what that subwoofer below your desk was meant for again. Your host will be SnakeDance Moonwing. The party starts at around 10.00 grid time, until 13.00 max. (Thats 19.00 to 22.00 if you are in europe). Sunday morning will have a chill-out session with more mainstream music. 

Enough about the weekends for this post, you can also party Today ! The "Blue Wave" club on Pyramid region, runs events every wednesday, at 7.00 UTC. The region houses a large pyramid, with a big pool inside. And you party under water ! Your host here is Samira Samtanko. 

I'm awaiting the opening dates for Club Quantum and Club Holland, and most of the events listed here are also present on LBSA plaza's infoboard. Another simple way to find these clubs even if you forgot the name, is hopping by wright plaza and visit the Travel office. It's kept up to date with the latest and greatest. 

Notes after troubleshooting some installs in last 2 months after the break.

If you are new / returning to OSgrid, and experience problems after initial install a few tips of things you might have missed reading the quick guides :
  1. Static IP addressing is better for servers, they don't change so its a 1 time setup if performed properly.
  2. When running DHCP (not static addressing) a reboot of your PC can change your local IP address. (now where did you forward that port in your router towards again ?)  see point 1. 
  3. Port Forwarding is required to be set. This is NOT the same as port triggering, or port filtering ! 
  4. Your routers manual for port forwarding is found HERE  TCP and UDP need to be set !
  5. HERE you can test if your own ports are open, and find your public IP address. 
  6. Make sure you run  .NET framework 4.0 or higher. Don't assume.Else just download it at Microsoft
  7. If you have a 64 bit system, run a 64 bit viewer. Preferably the latest version of it. 
  8. Wireless connected sims generally give poor performance if a viewer is running on the same machine. 
  9. The grid is big, and you can put sims next to other peoples sims, but mind your viewer loads those as well. If you like performance, find a nice spot in the sea. 
  10. Most routers support NAT loopback. Don't install NAT loopback adapters if you're not 100% sure it is the problem.  
  11. Firewall / security software can require additional opening of ports./ Allowing opensim to operate. 
  12. Don't give up if things don't work as expected. Likely there is just some setting messing with things. 
  13. You can understand a lot of things you read in /bin/opensim.txt ( console log output ).
  14. This software works fine  for thousands of users, so likely it will work for you to.
  15. If above is like reading chinese, find some help with setting up, or consider a hosted region.   
Many in the above list up to point 10 can be a potential cause of problems, having little to do with opensimulator or OSgrid. They are common misconfigurations or misunderstandings, maybe things you missed in a youtube tutorial recorded 3 versions ago, or a setting in some ini file you were not aware of. Don't worry about it, you will learn about how things work because you need them to. But if you want to run your own regions, it will require you to learn a thing or two about computers networking and configuring things. Luckily  there is always help around on the grid, forums irc and google. It's good we have all these party's, so plenty of time to relax and have fun. Hope to catch you all this weekend !

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