Friday, November 8, 2013


In case you need more / different free tools that you can't find in the links section you might want to browse the list in our freshly updated "Downloads" page. (it's available under the button in the top Menu).

The downloads are not necessarily directly related to opensimulator or metaverses, but can still be very useful, as they link directly to download pages from their creator rather than vague download or torrent sites. Like our links section below the posts, the download page will be frequently updated with fresh goodies, so expect it to grow over time.To avoid making the list too long, check Ninite first, for basic needs.

Some of the software you will already know or even have installed, others might be very useful, but might have gone unnoticed. It's a handy reference list if you need something specific quickly, not having to click around search results and you avoid being bombarded with adds and laggy download managers, toolbars and other crap. Mind it's just a list of software, which may or  may not work for your specific quest.

In any case, hope it's useful to you Enjoy !

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