Sunday, December 9, 2012

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Osgrid has a large community. Users are scattered around the grid, often   building on their own local sims and projects. Apart for the Plaza's which typically harbour "live" residents, you either have to look at the "People inworld" list when logged into OSgrid's webpage, scroll the map, or search off-grid to get in touch with people from it's community. Here's some links to get you started if you like meeting other OSG residents :

OSgrid on Google+  This page has been suspended by google, but recently i got an invite, so  it looks like its no longer suspended and running again.  Homepage :
Offers downloads, forums, and links to get in touch with admins via mail, IRC or twitter. Also when you login to the site, you get options like empty trash, reset avatar, look who's inworld and where your friends are etc.

OSgrid on Twitter.  This is also visible when you login to OSG in the viewer splash-screen. Handy for quick updates on whats new.

OSgrid News Important details on the simulator releases and config changes. If you host your own regions, you want to keep track of this page.

For more links, blogs, tools, scripts, generators, OAR's and other OSG - opensim related information, scroll down on this page, to the links section. It's just below all the rants and pictures. There are many nice goodies to be found there, and tons of interesting material from many OSG residents and creators. Enjoy !

* Broken links ? Feedback ? Submit your own Blog / Link(s) ? Get in touch. -> Mind we publish  Opensim / OSGrid related material only. We don't sell viagra's, real estate casino's and loans. 

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