Sunday, May 20, 2012

Photo Studio's

Today we had our Picture taken at Marty's Art Gallery. You can find the sim right next to wright plaza. Make sure to go check it out, and find pictures of all the (Famoush) OSG residents in it's gallery's.

To have your own portrait taken, you can visit martin's studios, and IM him to have your pictures taken. (Martin Spiritor). You can also request your picca's to be snapped at your sim of preference.

For more  photostudio's, check wright plaza, Red Dragons Studios at FBI AR, or any of the OSG sweetspots that make excellent background for photoshoots. You can easily find such spots allover the grid. (Check pictures from eralier articles to find some quickly, else try hitting one of the Travel centres ).

1 comment:

iliveisl said...

some people may think it's funny to use an in-world photographer because it is easy to take snapshots, but . . . a great photo, especially of your avatar can benefit greatly from someone that knows how to use lightning effectively plus someone who has their viewer set for best quality

that's a nice resource right next to the welcome plaza and thanks for letting me know about it =)